New Indie Game: DRACOS

Comunique have just released it´s first mobile game called Dracos. It´s simple but super hard and addictive arcade game, available on Android and iOS for 0.59

Dracos is an arcade mobile game, where you simultaneously control two mystical dragons and navigate them through series of obstacles. The speed of dragons is constantly increasing and therefore the game is becoming more and more difficult. The goal si to get as far as possible and collect points on the way. Total score is made of achieved distance and number of points collected.

Comunique is the company from Slovakia, that started as creative agency and now is expanding it´s portfolio and focusing also on app development. „It´s our first app so everything is new for us but we´re really excited and full of expectations. We believe that our team did a great job on Dracos and hopefully it will bring fun to everyone,“ said Michal Vernarsky, PR manager of Comunique.

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