Introducing Carver and Terry in new DRAGON QUEST HEROES II trailer (Video)

Ahead of the launch of the upcoming DRAGON QUEST HEROES™II next month, Square Enix Ltd., today introduced two new heroes players will encounter during their action packed journey.

In the latest character trailer, see the “Ten Tons of Trouble” – Carver, and “The Storming Swordsman” – Terry showcase their unique and powerful abilities as they battle their way through a whole host of familiar DRAGON QUEST® monsters.

Carver is a burly brawler who beats down baddies with his fists and feet. With his Knuckle Sandwich skill, Carver can muster his strength to unleash a devastating punch that can damage even distant enemies!
Terry is a skilled swordsman with a super-fast, far-reaching swing, who’s equally comfortable in both attack and defence. Terry’s Lightning Storm skill frazzles foes with its shocking strength, and fries mechanical meanies’ circuits to bring them to a standstill!

DRAGON QUEST HEROES II will arrive for the PlayStation®4, on 28th April 2017 and will be available on STEAM® from 25th April.