Kholat – new release date

IMGN.PRO studio would like to announce the new release date of Kholat – 10th June, 2015.

The decision to postpone the premiere was influenced by the extra time needed to achieve uncompromised game quality.

The new date is definitive and will not be subject to further change.

Lukasz Kubiak, IMGN.PRO – “Our decision to postpone the release date of Kholat was mostly motivated by our respect for the players, therefore we agreed to avoid the risk of releasing an unpolished game. As a totally independent studio we’re able to make it, without an external publisher pressure. Our one and only commitment is for the players.

Currently Kholat is in almost finished state and the additional time will be spent on the game testing, optimizing and debugging.”

Kholat is a FPP storytelling / experience game, developed by independent studio IMGN.PRO, inspired by true events known as the “Dyatlov Pass Incident”. We follow the path of a group of Russian students, that went for an expedition in the northern Ural Mountains. The team does not reach its goal, the entire crew dies in mysterious circumstances.

The rescue expedition is being sent. They find the tent, which is cut from the inside. Students bodies, incompletely dressed, are found within a radius of several hundred meters. Everything points to some kind of event, that caused sudden panic, which led to the tragic, chaotic escape. In most cases, death occurs as a result of chilling, but some bodies have other strange damage signs. Player is thrown into the area where the tragedy occurred, years after the actual event, with a chance to discover the real course of tragic events.

About IMGN.PRO – founded 5 years ago, is an indie game developer and publishing company located in southern Poland.
Release date: 10th June, 2015

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