Ludobit’s debut game ‘Wreck’em Racing’ launches today!

Wreck’em Racing, a free to play top-down 2D racing game, launched today for iOS and Android!

Can you survive the desert? Track generation and oddball powers combine for an explosive top down 2D racing experience. You can race’em or wreck’em, the choice is yours!

· Procedural generation, never race the same track twice.
· Oddball powers, from missiles to mole cars.
· Roadside traps, a fun new way to wreck.
· Missions, 40 missions to test your skills in-race.
· Challenge mode, 18 individual challenges.
· Car customisation, choose your look.

Wreck’em Racing is a must download for all retro racing game fans. If you loved Micro Machines back in the day, then Wreck’em Racing is for you!

Please visit for more info on the game.

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