Matt Cox, (Scribblenauts, Sticky Bees, Destroy All Humans, Returno) releases a brand new “tiny addiction” experience on iOS and Android today with Phantom Flower.

This refreshing new microgame invites you to tap the poison raindrops before they reach the soil to save the Phantom Flower! For an extra dose of strategy, good and bad phantoms appear throughout the game that can be tapped to relocate them to a more appealing location.

As the good rain and poison rain intensity increases, how long can the player last before one red drop ruins the soil? Phantom Flower plays fast and intense on a beautiful noir backdrop. It’s easy to pick up, but chaos to master.

“No matter what you think of games like Flappy Bird from a critical standpoint, there is an emerging ‘Diversion’ genre that really appeals to me and millions of casual and hardcore gamers,” said Cox. “Games that are really tiny and simple to learn immediately yet have such a difficult curve to master are perfect for smart devices and I want Phantom Flower to be a unique addition to that genre.”

Gamers of all types can play on a quick break or play repeatedly for bragging rights on the Apple GameCenter or Amazon GameCircle leaderboards!

Phantom Flower is available free in the iTunes App Store for, iPod Touch and iPad devices. It is also be available on all Android devices via the Google Play store.

To view the official trailer, visit

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