Put a Colorful Spin on the ‘Slide to Merge’ Mechanic in BLACK BEARIES

CKS Games is pleased to announce that Black Bearies is out on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon Appstore.

What’s New?
Black Bearies put a clever twist on the addictive ‘slide to merge’ mechanic that drives Threes! and 2048. Here, the players are tasked to merge primary color bearies progressively to create secondary color bearies, black bearies, and high-level black bearies. Level progression unlocks greater challenges, such as immobile obstacles on the game board, and secondary color bearies being added after every move.

Game Description
Say goodbye to real life, and hello to bearie addiction!

Black Bearies bring you an all new ‘slide to merge’ mechanic that’s very simple to learn, but under the irresistibly cute visuals lies an incredible depth.

Simply slide your finger to move colorful bearies on the game board. When primary color bearies collide with each other, they merge to become secondary color bearies. When they collide again with complementary primary color bearies, black bearies are formed. When black bearies collide with each other, they level up! The higher their levels, the more points you score!

With every move you make, a new bearie enters the game board. If not merged, the bearies will run out of space to move, and it’s game over! At high levels, you can unlock advanced game boards that pose secret challenges!

Can you make a level-99 bearie before the bearies are stuck? How about level-199 or scoring 99,999 points!?

Other Features
– 12 levels with varied objectives and increasing challenges.
– 12 online leaderboards.
– 10 achievements to unlock.

Gameplay Video

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