Ramify available for Android

The PC sensation Ramify comes to Android with this joint endeavor between Create Something Interesting LLC and POSsible Development.

The award winning Ramify is a single screen isometric puzzle game in which certain tiles must be touched to release balls that explode other tiles until the board is cleared of tiles. It has more than 100 levels.

The Android version provides, for selected levels, hints in the form of numeric labels on the tiles that are stepped through with a push of a button or automatically when the tile is selected. A unique feature to the hints is once a user strays, they are on their own for that level but the correct sequence, even of ghost tiles, will still. with push of the button, be displayed  for educational purposes. There are few, if any, alternate pathways to most levels.

Also in the Android version it is possible to touch tiles before the balls have finished but there will be ramifications. Some ramifications could be good like finishing under the allowed number of moves but some ramifications can be bad with the screech of the buzzer and the automatic resetting of the board when the number of maximum moves has been exceeded.