“RedShift is a nailbiter of a game

RedShift, following its release on the iOS AppStore has now been released on Google Play for Android devices worldwide!

Reminiscent of Metroid end-countdown sequences and bomb chase scenes, RedShift is a dynamic exploration race against the clock.

Set in a futuristic power-plant set to overload and explode, the player must quickly navigate and find all the different overrides located in the facility before the core goes critical. The level layout and locations of the overrides changes with every play, and so does the amount of time available. The time remaining is also hidden, creating an incredible sense of rising tension as the facility begins to falter.

•Randomized Levels – Every play-through is a different encounter
•Dramatic Suspense – As time passes the facility becomes more chaotic
•Rewarding Challenges – Tough but fair gameplay. You might not win the first time, but when you finally do you’ll feel it!
•No Freemium Gimmicks – Play a game designed for an experience, not for milking with fluff currencies
“RedShift is very easy to learn and play, but its simplicity combined with its hair-raising cues help make it one of the better survival games on mobile.” – 148Apps

“RedShift is innovative with the way that it uses simple gameplay mechanics and player actions to create a game that draws you in. It is difficult to fight off that feeling of panic as things get more desperate thanks to the music and sound effects, and you realize that the end is nigh.” – The IndieGameMagazine

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