SeaBurnGames Releases a Kids Friendly Version of Pixel Nom

What could be better than a game where you can jump the gaps and collect coins? For many parents one, that’s absolutely kid friendly! And SeaBurnGames have answered the call. Seaburngames are proud to announce the recent release of a Kids friendly version of Pixel Nom for iOS and Android on June 16, 2014.

Pixel Nom in fun and interactive, simple, easy to control and, most of all, a super addictive game! Pixel Nom kids friendly is a game where you jump the gap and collect the coins! All free of anything that could be teen or adult orientated. So parents can let the kids play without worry or concern.

“We thought is was a great idea to release a more kid friendly version too,” commented a spokesperson from SeaBurnGames. “Pixel Nom is perfect for children so why not also have a game version that’s best suited for them to have a fun and safe experience?”

The early reviews of Pixel Nom Kids has been enthusiastic.

Anna Grace from recently said, “Pixel Nom is an arcade platform game set in retro graphics. Your only objective in this simple game is to survive for as long as you possibly can by jumping over the gaps and collecting many coins. Once you land a foot on one of the black holes, the game is instantly over. The idea is entertaining enough and could become a fast-paced entertainment hit.”


Cute Pixel Style Graphics
Fun Game Play – Collect coins & Jump the gaps
The Highest score is saved to local memory

Kid Friendly Features:

No Advertising
No Sharing the Score to Facebook
No iOS Gamecenter or Google Game Services
No Push Notifications
No in App Tracking



Minimum Requirements for Android:

Android devices running version 2.2 or higher.
Supported Architectures: ARMv7 or higher.
Supported Devices 5460.

Minimum Requirements iOS:

IOS devices running version 5.1 or higher.
Supported Architectures: ARMv7 or higher.
Device Family : iPhone / iPod Touch, iPad.


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