Skyling: Garden Defense blooms five new levels on Android, Windows and Windows Phone

Skyling: Garden Defense, an inventive action-arcade game, has released five new garden levels to the Google Play, Windows and Windows Phone app stores. These new levels are included with the full version of the game at no additional cost and offer increased challenge for seasoned players.

Skyling: Garden Defense is a 2D, isometric maze game that blends classic arcade mechanics with a fun pixel-art style to create a game that is equal parts adorable and challenging. Because of its influence from classic games such as Pac-Man, Q*bert and Crystal Castles, Skyling : Garden Defense is immediately approachable and intuitive to play. Modern additions of a three-star scoring system and inventive game play mechanics add new challenges to players of all skill levels. The five new levels included with the full version of the game raise the total number of available gardens to 25.

Skyling: Garden Defense was recently showcased in the Featured Games section of the Windows Phone Store across the UK, China, Ireland, Mexico and Finland, where it received strong reviews and hundreds of downloads per day. The full game, including the five newest levels, is still being offered at the “Less than a Latte” price of $1.99 for Windows, Windows Phone and Android users.

For ease of use, Skyling: Garden Defense offers a variety of control options, from familiar on screen directional buttons to modern touchscreen point-and-move controls, allowing players to choose the input method they prefer. For Windows PC, tablet and notebook users, keyboard and mouse controls are also provided. Joystick support is available for compatible Android platforms.

Skyling: Garden Defense is the first release from Mighty Studios, LLC. A new indie game studio located in the Seattle area. It represents our goal to bring classic arcade fun to mobile devices in new and inventive ways. The game contains no advertisements, in-app purchases, or content unsuitable for younger audiences.

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