Starborn Wanderers update: PvP battles and more!

Game Insight, a world leader in mobile/social games, is pleased to announce an extensive update to its popular game Starborn Wanderers. The latest version delivers a new PvP system that allows players to battle each other. The update also features rating points that reflect a pilot’s experience level. Now the best Wanderers can fight to earn a place in the Hall of Fame and showcase their achievements.

To top it off, a new hangar and store are now available. There the players can purchase new models of starships for team battle tournaments as well as various improvements to technical equipment.

Moreover, the structure of game missions has been changed to give players a possibility to choose their own playing style. The recent update to Starborn Wanderers improves overall game stability, contains a recovery system that restores saved missions after reinstalling the game, and delivers many other exciting new features!

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