Starpolygon is proud to announce ‘Geometry Bounce’, now released for free on Google Play and App Store.

Starpolygon is proud to announce Geometry Bounce, a frustratingly addictive yet relaxing puzzle game.

Geometry Bounce is a mini golf inspired and challenging puzzle game where you bounce a ball and destroy geometrical objects to hit the goal. You need to shoot with the perfect speed and direction to be able to able to finish a level while the objects are moving, rotating and other twists.

As you play this difficult aim game you´ll need to have a keen precision and timing to hit the goal, and the feeling of flow once you beat the harder levels is thrilling. You control the direction and speed of the ball just with a one tap gameplay which makes it very easy to learn, but hard to master.

Watch the trailer to get a sense of the unique gameplay:
Trailer video:

Download Geometry Bounce now for free.

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