Super Triclops Soccer – Frantic futbol played by tiny monsters

Sterling Games has announced the upcoming release of their new game SUPER TRICLOPS SOCCER, enticing casual gamers to perfect their shootout skills against an increasingly defiant opponent. The game will be available for download on iOS, Windows Phone and Android on November 3rd, 2014.

In SUPER TRICLOPS SOCCER, players are transported into the colourful world of soccer-mad mini Triclops (Triangular Cyclops) monsters in an exciting head-to-head duel between player and opponent. The game features fast-paced, 30-second matches perfect for the busy player on the go. These short matches are designed for players of all skill levels from beginner to expert with three leagues of successively increasing difficulty. Racking up winning streaks in the Bench League builds confidence and motivation for a promotion into the Pro League, from which only the most proficient gamers will be invited into the much tougher Master’s League to really test their soccer prowess. Players can choose from a selection of 37 countries before stepping onto the hallowed turf at the Triclops Stadium.

“Sterling Games was created for the sole purpose of eliminating those short moments of boredom we all encounter when going about our daily lives. We wanted to create a game that you can play in the waiting room, standing in line to grab lunch, or in that really boring meeting at work!” said co-founder Steve Fernandes. “SUPER TRICLOPS SOCCER meets a player’s needs by providing thrilling, fast-paced gameplay that concludes in under a minute. The response so far has been fantastic!”

Sterling Games Inc. is a Toronto based boutique game studio founded in 2010 by Onome Igharoro and Steve Fernandes. Nuclear Engineers by profession, Sterling Games initially served as a creative release for the two founders, but after the respective successes of Xtreme Joyride and Pocket Golf on the Windows Phone Marketplace, their desire to reach an ever wider network of players has seen the company develop games for the Android and Apple platforms as well. As Sterling Games expands, the pair seek to develop products for further platforms including PS Vita and Wii U.

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