Tamak for iOS and Android released

In Tamak greed is the force that both rewards and entraps as you strive to breach its duality. With each turn you bring yourself one step closer to greatness. But as you teeter on the brink of glory, will your greed lead you to safety or your demise?

Tamak is a board-clearing puzzler by Pinata Games for iOS and Android. Based around the concept of greed, play takes place on a grid-based board using numbered tiles. These tiles are connected to each other to form chains that clear once they have the appropriate amount of connections. The aim is to gain as many points as possible from creating the longest chains. But the catch is that the more tiles you place on the board, the less space you have. However, the greedier you are, the better your reward. All of this means that you will have to plan carefully and think ahead. And just when you think you’ve got the hang of it, there’s always something else to challenge you.

Tamak combines elements of classic puzzle and strategy games to create a unique experience that is unlike anything else on the market. It’s distinct puzzle game elements make for a familiar feel, which in turn makes the core mechanic easy to grasp despite it’s unconventional nature. The feeling of knowing that you are playing with the double-edged sword of greed heightens your planning awareness and keeps you constantly making decisions about how to play your way out of each situation.

Device Requirements:
•iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
•Requires iOS 7 or later
•53.7 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Tamak 1.0.2 is Free and available worldwide through the iTunes and Google Play Stores in the Games category.

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