Time Traveling Puzzle-Platformer ‘Chronology’ Now Available on Google Play

Osao Games, an indie micro-studio dedicated to crafting quality gaming experiences, today announced that after 1.5 million downloads across iOS, Windows Phone and Steam, the popular puzzle-platforming game Chronology is now available worldwide on Google Play for Android phones and tablets.

In Chronology, players travels to the past and the future in charming, hand-drawn steampunk environments featuring unique puzzle-solving elements. Follow the journey of a brilliant, Einstein-esque inventor and his mechanically-inclined snail as they reshape the outcome of their world.

Chronology begins as its protagonist – the Old Inventor – awakes with no memory among the desolate remains of a world once teeming with life. Upon discovering a time travel device, the inventor sets out to restore the timeline with the help of a talking snail who can stop time. Mixing classical fantasy with retro-futuristic elements, players will control both characters to solve the game’s intricate puzzles, switching between the beautiful, idyllic past and the dark, dystopian future.

Chronology has been well received among critics, including a nomination at the 11th IMGA 2015 in “Excellence in Audio Visual Art & Design”, two wins for “Best Mobile/Tablet Game” and “Best Casual Game” at the Game Connection Developer Awards, and another nomination for the “Nordic Game Indie Sensation Award”.

Chronology is free to try, with the first three in-game chapters available to download on Google Play at no cost. Players can choose to unlock an additional five, longer chapters for a one-time in-app purchase of $2.99 USD.

To learn more about Chronology, visit www.osao.com/chronology .
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