Touch of Death 2.0 for iOS and Android is here!

Sharkbomb Studios, an indie outfit founded by games industry veterans, today announced the release of the 2.0 upgrade of their ninja game Touch of Death. The upgrade adds new artwork, two new levels and the long awaited smartphone versions (as the game was tablet-only until now). It’s available now in Google Play and Apple’s AppStore for 1.99 $ / 1.79 €.

Touch of Death is a frantic rhythm action game for smartphones and tablets, a game of timing and precision. Spurred into action by the death of his master the player embarks on a bloody quest for honor and vengeance. Using the secret and deadly ‘Touch of Death’ players burst the hearts of their enemies in their chests.

The gameplay sits somewhere between Fruit Ninja, Guitar Hero and Temple Run. Hounded by a constantly escalating timer the player has to react quickly and correctly perform deadly gestures to claim the lives of his foes. Before they claim his.

Touch of Death is the second game by Sharkbomb Studios, the first being the iconic action title Hipster Zombies. Operating out of Karlsruhe, Germany, Sharkbomb Studios craft their games with passion and other magic ingredients.

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