32 Secs is right around the corner (Video)

Have you ever thought about how the motorcycles of the future will look like?

32 Secs is right around the corner, so you are about to find out! However, these incredibly swift vehicles are not only for the show, but to be driven by you on the breathtaking roads of a monumental metropolis. Your reflexes will be put to the test and measured in a dangerous and highly crowded traffic. Experience a velocity so intense that your surroundings begin to fade and the world starts to distort. So stay focused and overtake any obstacle, avoid crashes and activate high value power-ups while speeding your bike towards a destination far away. You can also compete with your friends to see who claims the spot on the top of the leaderboards!

32 Secs is easy to play, hard to master, but even harder to put down once you really get the hang of it. The game has lots of amazing content waiting just for you, starting with the always changing roads of the city and a customizable garage to upgrade your motorcycles to powerful speedsters!

Time is running out, so make it count!

Key features:
• Stunning futuristic visuals
• Unparalleled sense of speed
• Smooth and addictive gameplay
• Insanely gorgeous motorcycles
• Simple and intuitive upgrade system
• Full retina display support
• Metal rendering support
• Game Center support
• Music by BAFTA Award winner Tamás Kreiner

Release date:
26th May 2016

Platforms: iOS (at launch)