5 Minutes Rage, frantic multiplayer sports game for Windows PC

Developed by Indomitus Games – the studio behind the innovative voice-controlled fantasy adventure In Verbis Virtus – 5 Minutes Rage is a frantic multiplayer sports game where two teams of “junkbots” battle to the death with cannon shots to throw the ball into the goal. The rules are simple: unleash your rage, destroy your opponents, catch the ball and score!

“With 5 Minutes Rage, we aimed at making a hybrid game that takes the best from the so-called ‘couch games’ and eSports,” says Denis Gualtieri, CEO of Indomitus Games. “5 Minutes Rage is straightforward and fun but with enough room to develop skills and tactics, our main influences being Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros and Super Mario Strikers.”


  • 5 minutes matches, 2vs2 or 1vs1, in local or online mode with leaderboards.
  • Non-stop action, fast pacing: your opponents won’t give you a break!
  • Colorful 80s flavored atmospheres.
  • Many different arenas to battle in.
  • Customize the appearance of your robot.
  • Train with bots.
  • Original minigames: Rage Invaders, Super Rage Box, Lethal Rage.
  • Master the basic abilities of the junkbot: machine gun and explosive bullets as well as shields and thrusters.
  • Advanced techniques make you a real pro: deflect projectiles, send them back to the owner and throw your opponent into the goal along with the ball!
  • Languages supported: English, Italian, Spanish, Simplified Chinese.