99 Rockets blasts its way to Google Play (Video)

Itatake’s success on iOS, 99 Rockets, has now launched on Google Play. It’s a minimalistic beautifully crafted game with an easy and relaxed gameplay.

The game offers a pleasant journey for the player, where the art in combination with well balanced sounds and music creates a Zen-like atmosphere. 99 Rockets is something very rare, a super casual game that you can actually beat! Altogether it is a new way of super casual gaming that Itatake brings to the Android gamers.

‒ It’s quite simple. You’ve got 99 Rockets. There are 99 targets. Hit them all and you beat the game. Hitting the targets on the other hand is a true challenge and when you turn on Master Mode there are only a few percentages in the world that can pull it off, says Mattias Granat at Itatake.

99 Rockets launched for iOS in the end of 2015 and became an immediate success and got featured as one of the Best New Games.

‒ We are very proud of this game and we were really optimistic during the development, Itatake’s Thomas Wedin continues. But we couldn’t predict this great success and now we are very curious to see the reaction on Google Play.

99 Rockets is available for free on Google Play and AppStore.