Panzer Waltz Blasts Anime Tank Wars Onto Google Play (Video)

Tank wars with anime-style graphics are now available for Android devices via Google Play with the release of Panzer Waltz. Happy Universe’s strategy game with RPG elements has been downloaded by millions across East Asia.

Panzer Waltz, set in an alternate timeline during World War II, takes place in world where biomechanics has melded man and machine together. Players lead a team of Metal Maidens, young women who are engineered to embody different tanks, into battle through a world filled with cybernetic beasts and other dangerous foes.

To survive the battlefield players must focus on strategy, creating tactical squads of six different Metal Maidens, tailored for each mission’s objectives. Heavy Tank Metal Maidens have high durability and are suited for longer battles. Anti-Tank Gun Metal Maidens have high stealth and armor penetration, the perfect counter for heavily armored targets.

Upgrading and arming Metal Maidens with powerful abilities and equipment are also essential. Squads are improved by gaining resources from objectives, collecting and dismantling additional Maidens for parts and purchasing equipment through in-game shops.

“After millions of across East Asia joined the tank wars, we knew we had to bring Panzer Waltz to English speaking gamers,” says Martin Ma, CEO, Happy Universe. “Whether you are a fan of anime, strategy games, RPGs, competitive gameplay, deep customization or epic tank battles, Panzer Waltz has something for you.”

Game Features•Strategic squad based combat
•Three game modes including immersive PvE Story, competitive PvP Clash and challenging PvE Event
•Six powerful types of tanks, each with their own combat specializations
•Colorful cast of characters
•Dramatic story with hundreds of hours of gameplay
•Gorgeous anime art-style
•Intensive Metal Maiden customization

Panzer Waltz is available via Google Play. The game is free-to-play with optional microtransactions for virtual currency.