BAUM’s Tree of Life to grow from Apple seeds: Dundee games start-up set to launch first mobile game

BAUM is an enchanting, highly-addictive 2D platform game due to launch on the Apple App Store on Thursday 21st January in 12 languages. The first release of Dundee independent games studio, A Fox Wot I Drew ( ), it has been supported to market by the University of Dundee’s Design in Action project ( ) along with Abertay University.

What is BAUM?

Translated from the German for ‘tree’, BAUM is a physics-based puzzle platformer for iOS.

Simultaneously exciting and tranquil, the challenge is to guide your raindrop through twisted tree limbs, flowers, thorns, mushrooms and more using the power of wind across a beautifully designed backdrop.

Like the droplet, find the flow and fluidity of the levels to avoid obstacles that will cut your journey to the roots short. BAUM rewards the use of natural, sweeping gestures to navigate the world and leads the player with flowers to bloom, bringing the tree to life. Organic shapes and fluid movements will rule the day in a world where players must practise control and finesse to succeed in their journey.

Ideal for players looking for a compelling, premium mobile experience that balances skill and reflex in a beautifully botanical package. BAUM is currently an iOS exclusive.

Overview•Baum is a peaceful game about nature and water.
•Awaken nature by guiding a tiny droplet of water on an adventure through a series of beautiful,
•Hand-painted levels set over a day in the life of a tree.
•With a tranquil soundscape and toughening challenges, BAUM tasks the player with using graceful, flowing gestures to overcome obstacles and navigate the intricate branches of a giant tree.

•Explore the hand-painted levels that are inspired by nature.

•Use the wind in a simple but elegant way to control the water droplet.

•Find and bloom all the flowers and compete against the clock for the maximum score


· Available in 12 languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Arabic, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese)
· Suitable for all ages (TBC)
· Charming hand-painted 2D art style
· Innovative mobile platformer controls that encourage grace and flow
· Hand-crafted levels with hidden treasures and exciting challenges
· GameCenter integration for challenging your friend’s scores

Requires iOS 7 or later
BAUM will run on iPad4, iPhone5 and later devices