Achtung! German translation of Gold Rush sim “1849” out now for PC / Mac / iPad / Android

There’s gold in them thar hills! Today German gamers can join the growing ranks of gold-hungry prospectors playing 1849, the city building game set during the California Gold Rush. A German translation has been added to the English version, available for PC and Mac (14,99€), as well as iPad and Android tablets (4,49€).

•Trailer (English):
About 1849
1849 is a city management sim in the vein of SimCity, Caesar, and Pharaoh with a bit of Oregon Trail sprinkled in. Set during an unparalleled period of American history, 1849 features 20 levels set in existing California cities brought to life with graphics inspired by period photographs and surviving architecture.

In each level, players must establish and grow the local economy while balancing citizens’ needs against the backdrop of real Gold Rush scenarios and challenges. Story mode challenges players to complete self-contained scenarios, while an endless Sandbox mode invites marathon open-ended play.

1849: Nevada Silver, an expansion pack with six more challenging scenarios set during the Comstock Silver Rush, is also available in German. To learn more about 1849, visit the official website:

Where to Buy
1849 can be purchased from these online stores:
•PC / Mac version:
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•Android version:

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