“Air Conflicts Secret Wars – Ultimate Edition” exclusive new content and final packshot revealed (Video)

Air Conflicts Secret Wars – Ultimate Edition is available today for PlayStation 4. The Ultimate Edition includes new exclusive content.

With the ACSW Ultimate Edition comes the exclusive content that can be used in Multiplayer Mode. Two new planes will be available, being the A6M Zero and the F4F Wildcat. A newly added feature to the Ultimate Edition is the Head track with the Playstation ® Camera.

Description of Air Conflicts Secret Wars
Fly fighter planes in WWII, biplanes in the Great War, and work with the great resistance movements that fought in secret against the Nazis – including the French Maquis, the Yugoslav Partisans and RAF Balkans – in this uniquely compelling air combat game from the makers of the acclaimed Attack on Pearl Harbor.

•   Exiting Air Battles & Smuggling Missions – fight with the resistance against the Nazis, or smuggle supplies to them
•   Easy to learn – pick up and play with little or no training with intuitive and satisfying controls
•   Fly in both World War I & II – the only game that allows you to fly in both the great wars of the twentieth century with innovative ‘Flashback Missions”
•   Intriguing Story – what happened to your father in the Great War? And who is the mysterious voice over the radio known only as “Night Owl”?
•   Simple or Challenge – two game settings, ‘Simple” for the Casual audience and
“Challenge” for the Hardcore gamer. The Simple Mode will be tuned for the widest possible audience
•   Head Track with PlayStation ® Camera – Controlling the game has never been easier, the camera will track the movement of your head and your planes will fly in the direction your head is facing.