Abi, Puzzle platformer starring a robot (Video)

Grant&Bert Studios announces “Abi”, an atmospheric Robot Puzzle Platformer with beautiful Artwork for PC, Consoles and iOS.

The world was once a place brimming with life, a place full of people. Now, the last of humanity has mysteriously disappeared in pursuit of perfection and immortality.  The only beings left are the robots who were once servants to humanity.

In Abi, you will travel across a multitude of different environments, from industrial areas to empty desert sands, overcoming adversity and challenges along the way.

You will have to switch between Abi, a small robot programmed to assume an educational role, and DD, a large and heavy industrial robot, in order to solve different kinds of problems. Experience the moving trials and tribulations of the robots and slowly discover the mystery of the sudden disappearance of humans from the world.