ALASKA, An action adventure game with hints of a crime thriller (Video)

The one man indie developer behind ‘Wreck Tangle Games’, Adam Reed, has released a pre-alpha teaser trailer for his new game currently in development, ALASKA. An action adventure with hints of a crime thriller.

The trailer shows a real Alaskan-esque landscape, packed full of trees, snow and mountainscapes, you hear a scream in the distance, beyond the forest, who is it? She sounds in distress, you rush passed the trees to find a gloomy looking house, inside you find the answer to the screams, you notice red droplets sparkling on the floor as you walk into your bedroom. The bed sheets are soaked in blood, you hear cries as the title of the game appears, ALASKA. It really is a great introduction to the new game and does what it set out to do, tease you without giving too much away. You can see it’s going to be a murder mystery, but not too much beyond that. The graphics are looking nice and it’s only in pre-pre-alpha, so hopefully in a coming update we will see beautiful sprawling landscapes to add some extra realness to the game.