Alien Robot Monsters (A.R.M.) is now available on Steam, Android, and iOS!


Developed by Finnish studio Kraftix Games, A.R.M. is a hardcore tower defense game with a twist: Instead of being stuck with stationary towers, you can actually deploy troops and hit the enemy where it hurts 🙂

A.R.M. sets itself apart from other TD games by featuring a deep, complex technology tree. A simple supply stash can become a flame-throwing, mortar-shooting bunker — and that awkward tech center can reach its full glory as a menacing orbital staging area that shoots LASERS.

Another neat trick is upgrading your troops with better armor, weapons, and even classes such as Space Marines, Spec Ops, Heavy, and Sentinels. However, the bad guys have nasty stratagems of their own: They can launch aerial assault bots, send in swarms of snake-like fiends, deploy troops that can insta-kill your soldiers, bring out walking tanks, and even unleash scary MECHA BOSSES.

If you love tower defense but wanted something fresh to sink your teeth into, A.R.M. might be right up your alley 🙂

Markku Rankala, Co-Founder (Kraftix Games):

“When we were creating Alien Robot Monsters, we knew from the start that we needed to kill some sacred cows in order to get noticed. For example, A.R.M. allows players to engage the enemy directly through the use of elite units — which in RTS-like fashion can leave the towers behind and funnel the enemy into the desired direction . . . creating all sorts of useful bottlenecks. This one change adds an entirely new dimension to the combat.”

— Classic tower defense action game with explosions, debris, bullets, and missiles
— 16-bit era look and feel in native 1980 x 1280 resolution
— Tons of towers, marines, robots, and levels
— Epic Hollywood-style orchestral soundtrack
— Stars (earned by completing levels) that can be spent to reinforce your base
— 23 different towers with 60+ unique upgrades
— 31 levels (plus 6 harder bonus levels)
— 18 global upgrades with 5 levels each
— New unlocks in almost every level

A.R.M. can be purchased on Steam for $5.99 ($5.09 at launch with a 15% discount). A deluxe edition with the game’s soundtrack costs $7.99 ($6.79 with the same promotional discount).

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