Introducing MOON TOWER ATTACK, a 2.5D strategic tower defense game set on the moon :)


Developed by Pakistani indie outfit Game Torque Studio, Moon Tower Attack has players defend their base from Dark Forces by making expert use of different weapons and towers. To keep things interesting, Moon Tower Attack features randomly-generated tower/base positions that deliver a fresh challenge every time players take on a new level.

Coins and experience are earned at the end of each wave, which give players access to an even greater arsenal of weapons and tower upgrades — including lightning guns, flamethrowers, bunkers, and more. When all seems lost and the Dark Forces think they’ve gained the upper hand, it’s time to call in aerial strikes and orbital bombardments to get the job done 🙂

Moon Tower Attack’s unforgiving AI is deliciously unpredictable; gone are the days where enemies take a beating by traveling down the same path over and over again. As players progress through each wave, enemy forces become tougher to beat and may start showing up in unexpected places. A sharp mind and quick reflexes are a must to get through Moon Tower Attack’s 20 fast-paced levels.

— 20 levels for epic tower defense gameplay
— Huge variety of weapons — including lightning gun, flamethrower, and bunker
— Each level features 3 additional difficulty modes
— Randomly-generated tower/base positions that reset at level start
— Detailed 2.5D graphics

Moon Tower Attack is free to download and play. The game will be available in the App Store and Google Play starting September 15, 2015.

iOS Preview Video (30 sec)

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