Tower Defense-Fans get ready: Ambush – Tower Offense available now on Google Play

Creative Mobile’s Fun Factory, a leading Mobile Games Publisher and Take Away Games Studio, today released Ambush – Tower Offense on Google Play. The free-to-play strategy title with 2D cartoon graphics offers an entertaining mash-up of tower defense and offense gameplay, which allows players to change sides and attack other players’ defenses with a variety of battle units, and makes it ideal for all fans of the popular Tower Defense genre.

Before players emerge into battle in Ambush – Tower Offense, the extensive tutorial explains all the basics of both the Tower Defense and Tower Offense Mode. After that, players have to keep their wits to protect themselves from other players’ attacks when in classic Tower Defense Mode, or to relieve other players of their resources, while expanding their own area of control in Tower Offense Mode. By winning battles, players receive resources, which are necessary to research upgrades and empower troops and towers. Due to the many different abilities of towers and monsters, each attack or defense has to be meticulously planned to emerge victorious. In an additional twist, the Tower Offense Mode makes four different heroes available who can either support players own troops or weaken the opponent’s towers accordingly.

Key Features:
· Two opposing battle modes: Tower Defense and Tower Offense
· Four types of battle towers and four types of monster spawning portals, each with 5 upgrades forked at 4th grade
· Four heroes for Tower Offense with perks supporting other units or countering towers
· Battle magic and powerful boosters to raise the stakes
· Six types of territories and resources
· Eight types of stats boosting labs to build on player’s territories
· Two battle grounds – Mainland and Inferno
· Ten battle maps
· Cartoon 2D graphics

Ambush – Tower Offense by Creative Mobile’s Fun Factory und Take Away Games Studio is available now for free with IAP on Google Play

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