Alphadia Genesis for Steam: Available January 12th 2015!

Marvelous Europe has today announced that the charming retro-styled JRPG Alphadia Genesis will be available to purchase on Steam from January 12th 2015. Alphadia genesis is a Japanese Role-Playing Game that is perfectly suited to those who love the genre. The classic turn-based battle system, the exploration, the rich characterisation and the twisting narrative are all traits of a great JRPG, and the gameplay is wrapped in a 16-bit style which bears resemblance to classic SNES RPGs of the ‘90s.

Alphadia Genesis will launch with an introductory price of € 11.99/£8.79 and will be the first KEMCO RPG released on Steam. “We can’t wait for the Steam Community to get their hands on Alphadia Genesis” says Jonathan Nevill, Project Manager, Marvelous Games. “It’s a great game for JRPG enthusiasts to get stuck into. Good luck to those that aim to 100% the game content, and reach the TRUE ending! Pro-tip: Be prepared!”

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