Rage Hit, the second son of Bad Jokes Studio.

The Game.
Rage Hit is a mobile game inspired by the classic model of a Vertical Endless Shooter, covered by a geometric, coloured and spiky graphic. The innovative gameplay gives to the player a new feeling. In fact, the enemies can be fired by the bullets of the same colour. You can change the colour rotating your device. 4 rotations possible for 4 colours. Rage Hit gives you an high level challenge.

Born and grown because of a mistake
Rage Hit was born as a substitute of Jake, Bad Jokes’ first game, in a game contest in which Jake couldn’t fit because of certain requirements. A fast replacement was needed: in merely a week, Rage Hit turned from an idea to a working prototype.
At first, it was very different from the way it is now. Players preferred to turn their devices to change the colour of the bullets. Since the Lucca Comics and Games of 2014, players started to actually rotate their body around, and they had find it much more fun and interesting.

Development Snags
Rage Hit comes from an idea of Alessandro Menegotti (Bad Jokes’ founder).
Its development has yet to finish, and gave us more than one concern: calibration of the gyroscope, for example; problem solved by a progression of the game’s mechanics. Now Rage Hit is growing up with the innovative ideas of the team, and the experiences acquired during the fairs where it was shown. In fact, the public has had, and will have, a key role in the development.

In the object type: “Apply to Bad Beta” and don’t forget to write your smartphone OS (Android, iOS and Windows Phone) and your email connected to the store. Within a few days you will receive an answer with the link and the instructions to download the game and start the beta test experience. Take a look at the trailer!

Youtube video from Lucca Comics and Games 2014:

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Name: Rage Hit
Developer: Bad Jokes Studio
Genre: 2D Arcade
Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows Phone (to be defined)
Engine: Unity
Website: www.badjokestudio.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/badjokestudio
Twitter: www.twitter.com/badjokestudio
Location: Italy

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