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Joyful Works is proud to announce the new game in the Niru Niru & Friends series – Beach Games. This collection of mini-games will allow children to re-live their summer holidays with a variety of unique experiences, all of which keep to the company’s key tenets of safe, family-friendly fun.

Each game utilises a unique combination of touch & sound controls to offer four distinct experiences, all geared towards your favourite beach-themed activities. Whether you’re swiping the screen, clapping, or blowing into the micro-phone, children will be entertained for hours. If you’re not in a place where some of these are appropriate – never fear! All of the controls can be switch back to basic touch-only schemes. In this collection are:

Kiting – Fly your kite for as long as you can! This runner game requires quick reactions to keep your airborne toy from hitting into anything. Blow into the microphone to go higher, or clap to go lower!

Surfing – Ride the waves in this stunt game – blow into the microphone to create a wave, and then complete a series of actions in quick succession to have Luka do tricks on his board!

Swimming – Niru is having a competition against some of her sea-friends to see who can swim the fastest. Complete the actions presented on the screen correctly for a speed boost, and race to the finish line!

Toy Ship – Reminiscent of a board game, here you have to guide your toy ship through the course to get to the end. Perform actions in sequence to progress, but if you have a mishap, your ship goes back a space.

Beach Games with Niru Niru & Friends is a quality, family-friendly game with no invasive advertising, and no in-app purchases. For more information on Joyful Works, please visit: http://joyful.works/index.html

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