Joyful Works – the new name in safe, family-fun entertainment – is pleased to announce that its debut title Painting Gallery with Niru Niru & Friends is out now on Android.

Painting Gallery is exclusive to the Amazon App Store, and brings the colourful painting experience to Android users so Niru Niru and her four companions can help even more children unlock their imaginations.

This is Joyful Works’ first game in a series they hope will make family-friendly, quality apps and games for children the industry standard, safe from invasive advertising and exploitive in-app purchases.

The android release comes with a number of improvements and additions made to the game. Requested features such as the ability to turn off the music, and fixing the default size of stickers will be added along with a full translation of the game into the Turkish language. This update has also been applied to the iOS version of Painting Gallery, which was released in April, so anyone who already owns the app need not fear missing out.

Painting Gallery with Niru Niru & Friends can be purchased on the Amazon App Store for £2.29

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