TorresLabs releases Puzzle Tracks for IOS

Founded in 2013, indie game developer Torres Labs launches Puzzle Tracks for IOS, their new fast-action puzzle game, including an awesome puzzle factory feature.

Puzzle Tracks

Puzzle Tracks is a minimalistic fast-paced action puzzle game. Player move track blocks to allow a small non-stop red ball to reach the end of the track. You need to think quick to stay on your toes!

One great feature of the game, is the Puzzle Factory, allowing players to create their own puzzles and challenge their friends.

Puzzle Tracks is published on two versions: The free version of Puzzle Tracks includes 12 levels, Puzzle Factory and Shared Level Play, and the Elite Version includes all features, full 48 levels, without Ads or In App purchase.

Game features:
•Minimalistic style fast-paced action puzzle game.
•Puzzle Factory to allow players to create your own puzzles and challenge your friends.
•48 challenging levels.

Screenshots, videos, and more information about Puzzle Tracks are available at game page:

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