Arknights, Strategy RPG on Android & iOS

The wait is over for anime fans. Arknights, the incredibly popular anime-themed strategic RPG, is finally making its global debut. Players in North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand can now download and play Arknights via the App Store or Google Play.

Arknights is a strategy RPG immersing players in a dystopian universe of technological progress gone awry.  Originium, a special ore with many applications, has led to innovation as well as infection. Without any known cure, those infected by originium exposure are sentenced to a life of affliction and isolation.

People exposed to this powerful ore are dubbed the infected. They’re ostracized due to both their contagious state and the awesome powers originium grants them. As a member of the advanced research organization called Rhodes Island, players employ these operators as they strive to bring order to a world teetering on the fringes of chaos and collapse.

Arknights fuses elements of traditional RPG and strategy games to form a novel mobile experience with an extensive story mode. The core gameplay centers around recruiting operators and deploying them in a timely and strategic fashion on the map. Operators come in eight different classes, with some excelling in ranged combat and others specializing in melee, magic, or healing. Each operator has a unique background story, and players learn the intimate details of their operators’ lives as they progress through the plot. These operators can also be promoted to “Elite-2” level, unlocking special new abilities, skill animations, and character art.

Each player also runs a base that can be tweaked and upgraded, providing operators with combat capabilities and advantages. Bases come equipped with dorms, where operators can rest and recover morale. Dorms outfitted with nicer décor and furnishings will reduce recovery time for operators. Base construction and upgrades add extra layers of strategy to a game already sporting a lengthy and complex story mode.