Assassin’s Creed Syndicate (Gold Edition)

WELCOME TO THE FAMILY – London, 1868. The Industrial Revolution fattens the purses of the privileged while the working class struggles to survive – until an Assassin emerges from the underworld to rally to their defense. Rise to lead the world’s first organized crime family. Conquer the streets of London. Bring the ruling class to their knees. Make history in a visceral adventure unlike any game you’ve played before.

• GOLD EDITION INCLUDES GAME + SEASON PASS – Hunt down Jack the Ripper in an all-new campaign, expand your experience with new missions, upgrade your arsenal with top-tier gear sets, and more.
• PLAYSTATION EXCLUSIVE CONTENT – Includes 10 exclusive Dreadful Crimes missions. All pre-orders also receive the Darwin & Dickens Conspiracy Mission.
• TAKE OVER THE LONDON UNDERWORLD – Establish London’s fiercest gang and bring justice to the lawless streets.
• DEVASTATE YOUR ENEMIES – Fight with an all-new combat system and weapons like the Cane Sword and the Assassin’s Gauntlet featuring the Hidden Blade and Rope Launcher.
• PLAY AS TWIN ASSASSINS – Play as rebellious Jacob Frye and his swift, deadly sister Evie.

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