ASTRAL TRAVELER launches on PC, Mac and Linux

Indie runner racer ASTRAL TRAVELER launched on Steam (PC, Mac and Linux)

Race at blazing speeds, leaping across platforms, shooting down alien raiders and phasing through astral obstacles with ASTRAL TRAVELER, a new indie runner racer launching today. 47 perilous sectors await any travelers with the courage to confront them.

ASTRAL TRAVELER is a game made for the community, developed in front of a live audience on Twitch, and incorporating leaderboards for those seeking to show their dominance.


  • Lightning fast arcade racing action
  • Master precise platforming and snake through various obstacles
  • Shoot down armies of enemy raiders
  • Phase through pulsars for extra speed bursts
  • Conquer 47 sectors across 5 different nebulas
  • Dominate your friends on the leaderboards