Mighty Party: Heroes Clash for Apple iOS

Mighty Party: Heroes Clash for Apple iOS is a turn-based RPG featuring certain card-battle elements. The game developed by Panoramik Inc (a team responsible for creating Forge of Gods: Tactical RPG) is based on a free-to-play business model with the optional micro transactions.

The game takes players to a fantasy World of Pangea. The plot revolves around unconscious Adam finding himself in Celestial Citadel full of different monsters and bosses. His path is plenty of legendary adventures and great battles as Adam has to save the World and it’s flawless Lilith. He does not know, however, this trip is much more than just a mere form of entertainment and has a real effect on reality.

Mighty Party: Heroes Clash is available on iOS

In terms of its gameplay mechanics, the Apple iOS release of Mighty Party: Heroes Clash resembles its predecessors – a player collects, evolves and trains his Mighty Party to defeat other players using a tile-based and fast-paced battle system. Each fight can reveal all your tactical skills – define opponent’s weaknesses and play heroes who can absolutely change the situation on the battlefield and bring you top place in rankings!

There are hundreds of different characters, who are gradually unlocked as one gets cards through the game. Each unit features his own skills and abilities, which can be power-upped via level up system, binding or dust transformation. After choosing the Warlord, a player has to assemble a team and there is an infinite squad combination from dozens of Champions with their own strengths and weaknesses.

In addition to performing standard tasks at the moment we see five different game modes:

  • Standard PvP fights where a player fights with earlier collected armies against other players, rising up the rating table;
  • Tournaments with elimination fights where players can get rare epic awards;
  • Divine Arena where players get random high-level cards. In this mode players hone different tactics before collecting particular cards and evolve them;
  • Survival where a player is fighting against others until two fails. The Reward in this mode is rare currency which will give you a possibility to receive special items;
  • Journey – PvE mode that puts players to learn the history at the Pangea’s World and open new opportunities for their deck.
  • Guilds – recently introduced mode where players can chat and choose the team to prepare for Guild Wars in the future. Oh it will be so soon!
  • Mighty Party: Heroes Clash is now localized in English, Russian, Spanish, German and French. More languages support will be available with the next updates.

In addition to all game features above new awesome iMessage Sticker Pack of Mighty Party is available for all Apple users.