Create A Party Of Heroes To Banish Uninvited Demons In Old-School CRPG ‘Zavix Tower’ (Video)

Waves Of Nostalgia Await In Tribute To Classic D&D Gaming!

Created by Batholith Entertainment and published by indie-darling, Indie Voyage, Zavix Tower takes you back in time when old-school, party-based, 1st person CRPG with rogue-like elements was all the rave – and it still is! Available today via STEAM™ and currently on sale, Zavix Tower features a persistent world with turn-based gameplay and endless demons to beat as you fight your way to the exit.

Zavix Tower challenges you to create your band of valiant heroes to partake in a difficult task. Select race, class and stats before sending them off to town for a good’ol’battle of skills in the games procedurally generated levels. Stop by the various shops for upgrades and cool enhancements and enter the tower to take out some baddies. As you play, you collect coins, loot, and other fun treasures. It is important to upgrade your party to progress and the games built-in shops offers a host of cool add-ons and enhancements. Epic boss battles awaits – and only heroes strong enough will survive. With cunning strategy and planning, you might even end up victorious!

Zavix Tower on STEAM™