RPG Runner Hybrid Axe, Bow & Staff on Steam (Video)

Retro-Inspired Sidescroller Available Now for PC, Mac & Linux

Clewcat Games announces the release of its pixel art hybrid Axe, Bow & Staff – available now on Steam for Windows PC, Mac OS X, and Linux/SteamOS.

Axe, Bow & Staff is a retro-style game combining runner-sidescroller mechanics with RPG elements and zany multiplayer gameplay – including both local and online play for up to 3 players in both co-operative and competitive modes.

More About Axe, Bow & Staff

Axe, Bow & Staff brings the rhythm of modern runners to pixel art fantasy battles, with a healthy dose of side-scrolling action and undead slaying. Inspired by games like Lost Vikings, Adventure Island, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, and Captain Commando, Axe, Bow & Staff evokes the nostalgia of the favorite games of your youth: updated with faster graphics, multiplayer replayablilty, and goofy gameplay that’s easy to learn but many times harder to master.