Atoms NG By Six Echo Studios Is A 21st Century Update To The Fast-Paced Classic Strategy Game

Independent games developer and publisher Six Echo Studios is proud to announce the worldwide release and availability of Atoms NG (Next-Gen) to the iOS® digital app store. Compatible with all iOS® devices running iOS6+, Atoms NG is a FREE download featuring a 21st century modernized update to the critically acclaimed predecessor developed by John Girvin for the Commodore Amiga® computers in the golden era of gaming in 1992, originally inspired by the 1980 classic Exploding Atoms by Knight Computers.

Atoms NG is an addictive turn-based strategy game for 1-4 players in which each player represents a distinct atomic color. Players take turns to place Atoms of their color in to the live-action 2D playing grid. Atoms can be placed in empty cells or cells already containing one of the player’s own Atoms. When the number of Atoms in a cell exceeds that cell’s maximum, the cell explodes and its Atoms jump to every neighboring cell, creating chain reaction of explosive atomic events that sweep the board! Jumping Atoms instantly re-color all Atoms in target cells to their own color, and the first player to re-color all their opponents’ Atoms wins!

With its immersive and addictive gameplay, local or online play, four levels of challenging AI, intuitive controls and strategic brilliance, Atoms NG is a great addition to any portfolio of favorite games.

Atoms NG is a FREE download sponsored by in-app advertising, and contains one-time in-app purchases to remove all ads and unlock premium features. Download your copy today and go full atomic!

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