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Award-Winning Game War Wings Soft Launches on Google Play

Global mobile games publisher Sixjoy has announced the soft launch of its latest title, War Wings. War Wings is an award-winning aerial combat game set in World War II and features smooth, responsive controls, beautiful high-definition graphics, and a plethora of historically accurate planes, weapons, missions and pilots. 

The game is available on Google Play in selected regions.

Winner of Unity’s “Golden Cube Award” for Best Game, War Wings offers players a one-of-a-kind flight simulation and dogfighting experience unlike any other on mobile platforms. Among its key elements, it features:

Intense multiplayer combat: Real-time 4v4 online dogfighting.

World War II fighter planes: Players can choose from 70+ historically accurate aircraft models.

Rich customization: Pilots can deck out their warplanes to allow for different tactics and strategies.

Mobile-optimized dogfighting: Motion, virtual stick and D-Pad control options offer the smoothest, most responsive flying and shooting experience.

War Wings was also chosen as the Best New Game and Best Original Mobile Game by the Mobile Developer Conference Hong Kong, as well as Most Influential Game by Metro Media.