The award winning indie hit Unholy Heights releases on the 3ds eShop! (Video)

The awarding winning unique mashup of Tower Defence and Demon monster apartment management, Unholy Heights, will be released on June 23rd!

Bergsala-Lightweight is pleased to announce the EU/US release of Unholy Heights from PetitDepot and Mebius.

Adopt the role of the Devil, who creates an apartment for monsters to defend against pillaging wannabe heroes!

In this creative Tower Defence game you sucker monsters to live in your apartment building by buying them furniture according to their needs.
Once they are in your apartment, have them breed stronger offspring, charge them rent or KICK THEM OUT!

Your army is the only thing in the way of you and the sickeningly sweet good folk who try and erase the monsters presence.

Get it now for the low SRP!