Back to Bed launching on Apple TV December 17

Back to Bed is ready for celebrating the holidays on the big screen. Since Back to Bed Launched on iOS, its been downloaded +5 million times, and now we ready to also offer the game on Apple TV, and have people enjoy the game in high resolution and high fidelity sound. The game will support the Siri remote as well as MFI controllers.

Game Designer Jonas Byrresen explains why Back to Bed makes a whole lot of sense on the Apple Tv::

“Back to Bed is kind a complex game for mobile actually, it can be quite challenging. But on the other hand it is kind of a more casual experience than the games you typical play on console and Steam. So I think the Apple TV hits that sweet spot in-between of those who want a nice little gaming experience on a big screen.

And I Think Back to Bed really fits the Apple TV well. I see the Apple TV as a strong platform for those high quality premium games, that sometimes can get a little lost in the free to play dominated mobile space. This platform isn’t really for Match 3 games, its for gems like Transitor, Badland, Oceanhorn and of course Back to Bed ;)”

Back to Bed is available in following languages:
English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese and Japanese.