Blade Ballet Spinning to PS4 and Steam (Video)

PlayStation announced today in a blog post that Blade Ballet will launch on August 9

Game developers, YouTubers, and media outlets are already praising the pre-release game:

“Looks sick. Like Beyblades, only awesome.” – Dan Fornace, creator of Rivals of Aether

“It’s Powerstone with robots.” – videogamedunkey

“Great concept, game play, and simple to pick up.” – Gameroom Junkies

“A hilarious multiplayer brawler.” Indiehangover

Blade Ballet will be launching simultaneously on Steam.

About Blade Ballet
Blade Ballet is a whirling dance of local and online multiplayer robot destruction, coming to PS4 and Steam August 9, 2016. Each bot possesses a unique personality and special abilities, which players use to claim victory as they spin from one challenging arena to the next, battling for dominance.

Blade Ballet is simple enough for anyone to pick up a controller and jump into the fray, but players must master the timing and unique abilities of each bot to come out on top. This makes the game easily accessible to new players, while allowing for a high skill ceiling to truly compete with your friends. Much of the Blade Ballet gameplay revolves around the innovative “blade spin” mechanic – players control their rotation to sneak past their opponents’ defenses and secure the kill. Each arena also introduces new game mechanics that players must incorporate into their strategies.

Blade Ballet is being developed by DreamSail Games. The DreamSail team is comprised of talented industry veterans and newcomers, including founder Justin Sanders (formerly of Insomniac Games), Kevin Porras (formerly of Scholastic), and Nicholas Gomes (formerly of Large Animal Games), and Neil Sveri (co-founder of Studio Mercato).