Blast Off onto the Google Play Store, Amazon App Store and Apple App Store.

IRF Media, the makers behind Blast Off have just released Blast Off onto the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Blast Off is also released on the Amazon App Store.

Players control a rocket that blasts through space, players have to maneuver around comets and asteroids by just simply tilting their device. to move their rocket left or right.

Along the journey players can blast down asteroids by just tapping on the screen to release missiles. Players have to be careful they don’t run out of missiles but they can collect more in game.

As players fly through space they have to keep an eye on their fuel gauge and make sure they don’t run out of fuel. Make sure they collect more fuel otherwise the rocket will come crashing down.

Players can include different styles of rockets as well as to fly with. They can choose from different rockets like USA Rocket, France Rocket, NASA Rocket and Ice Lolly Rocket among many others.

Blast Off has very appealing graphics and is pleasing to the eyes. It includes some great music and sound effects. Blast Off is an endless game which the player has to get as far as they can without crashing.

“Blast Off is a very simple yet challenging game,” said Adnan Ramzan, CEO at IRF Media. “This is our first release but we have so much more games in production currently.”

Blast Off is out now on the Apple App Store, Amazon App Store and Google Play Store as a free download with optional in-app purchases.

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