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Blazing Griffin Announce Distant Star: Revenant Fleet has launched version

Blazing Griffin announces that Distant Star: Revenant Fleet has launched version

The team at Blazing Griffin are pleased to be able to launch another player requested feature for the game – unit experience and levelling system. This feature is the second most requested by players, behind the pause function which we introduced with the last patch.

Commenting on the update, Melissa Knox (Producer) said, “This is one of the main reasons we opened up alpha through Early Access – it’s incredibly valuable to get feedback from players while the game is being developed. While we can’t always accommodate feature requests, we have looked at the most commonly requested features and adjusted our development schedule to try and include them. The response from the community has been great and we’re really pleased at how it has helped shape the game so far. 11/10 would Early Access again.”.

Feedback from players has been fantastic throughout alpha, with one Steam user commenting (http://steamcommunity.com/id/visibleducts/recommended/335830/): “ And although I have no experience with Blazing Griffin when it comes to early access, all signs point to them being a developer who is wanting to do early access right. They urge players to join the forums and leave feedback/get involved and they seem genuine. Plus, the price is rather low, so it’s not a huge risk. If you’re worried about early access titles, throw this on your wishlist/watch list and keep eye on it. If you like FTL and RTS games and Blazing Griffin does things right, then this will be a title you will want one day.”

This update also brings a number of important content updates to the game;•New Sectors Unlocked – the length of the game has effectively been tripled with the addition of the new content to play through.
•Ship & Combat Balancing – based on feedback from players the survivability of ships and general performance in combat has been greatly improved.
•New Mission Types – two new mission types – Escort and Defence – have been added to the game which adds a significant amount of new content for players to experience.

Full patch notes can be found here: http://www.blazinggriffin.com/blog/v0-0-4-4-released-update-notes-10th-feb-2015/

Upcoming updates this month will unlock more sectors of the galaxy, final battle scenario and also introduce a much sought-after save feature, which will see the game entering into beta. The current early bird price of £4.99 will remain in place until the game goes into beta, where the price will increase to £14.99.

Blazing Griffin is an independent game studio based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Founded in 2011, the company is focused on reviving IP and developing new games across multiple platforms.

For more information about Distant Star: Revenant Fleet visit:•Steam Page – http://store.steampowered.com/app/335830
•Game Page – http://www.blazinggriffin.com/games/distant-star-revenant-fleet/
•Game Trailer – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WBgBBAsM7cA

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