Bloodbones sails into port. Arrr, ‘tis true!

Tin Man Games’ eighth Fighting Fantasy digital gamebook app, Bloodbones, arrives on the iOS App Store today joining a previous December release on Google Play and the Amazon Appstore. It’s time to visit the Port of Crabs, sail the seas of Titan and seek revenge against the supernatural pirate-lord, Cinnabar!

Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone present the notorious “lost” Fighting Fantasy gamebook, Bloodbones, written by Jonathan Green. Originally meant to be the 60th in the series during the original paperback run, it was later published by Wizard Books and now the pirate adventure sails into a new digital port on iOS and Android smart phones and tablets.

Neil Rennison, founder of Tin Man Games said: “Jonathan Green has become the modern standard bearer for Fighting Fantasy, having recently written You Are The Hero, a history of the series. I’m really thrilled to have one of Jon’s titles as part of our FF library and Bloodbones is truly an epic adventure – one of our biggest yet!”

Tin Man Games has taken the Fighting Fantasy solo adventure and transformed it into an interactive digital experience, using their critically acclaimed gamebook engine. With animated page-turning, dynamic links and an automated adventure sheet, the reader can also roll physics-based 3D dice to bravely battle the denizens of the Port of Crabs and beyond, to seemingly deserted jungle islands, on to strange ghost ships and into mysterious temples.

Veteran fantasy and science-fiction artist, Tony Hough, has also returned to add some colour to his original black and white artwork, which can still be viewed by playing in an added retro mode. Complete with a beautiful new music score, lots of gameplay features unique to this gamebook and plenty of achievements to find, Bloodbones is an adventure that will keep all landlubbers occupied for some time!

Fighting Fantasy: Bloodbones is now available to download from the iOS App Store, Google Play and Amazon Appstore for Android. It costs $5.99 USD/£4.49/5,99 €.

Tin Man Games maintain a site dedicated to their Fighting Fantasy apps at The Official Fighting Fantasy site can be found at Tin Man Games also runs a developer blog at

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