SteamWorld Dig For Wii U. Is It Really True?

Howdy, journos and bloggers!

Yes, it’s true. Image & Form’s SteamWorld Dig is coming to Wii U ™! Ever since we first launched our latest game SteamWorld Dig on Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS™, Nintendo fans have been asking us for a next-gen Wii U version of the game. And now that we are Wii U developers we can finally answer the players’ prayers!

For those of you who know the history of Image & Form it should come as no surprise that Nintendo and Image & Form go way back. We actually had our first ever console release in 2010 on the Nintendo DSi™ with SteamWorld Tower Defense (the first game in the SteamWorld series). The game was awarded with an 8/10 from That made us very happy, to say the least. Our success on Nintendo systems continued last year when we released SteamWorld Dig on Nintendo 3DS™.

We’re aiming to release SteamWorld Dig on Wii U in the fall of 2014, and we’re overjoyed by the fact that we’ll soon have our first Nintendo home console release. It’s a lifelong dream come true, since most of us at Image & Form are massive Nintendo fans. We wrote a blog on that, in which we also explain why we think Wii U is a perfect platform for SteamWorld Dig.

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