BomberZone Ignites With Its Action-Packed Gameplay On PC, Mac & Linux (Video)

Exosyphen Studios is proud to announce the impending release of action-packed BomberZone for PC, Mac and Linux. Available for download via STEAM™ (Early Access), BomberZone raises the bar for the classic maze-based strategic bombing game with its cool features and great gameplay.

Earth is invaded by aliens and you take charge of a robotic soldier to preserve peace on earth. Navigate your way through the maze and destroy aliens and their bases by strategically placing bombs. Coins can be collected and used for customization and power-ups, such as Atomic Bomb, Explosive Soccer Balls, Gun Powder Kegs, Infinite Bombs, Protection Shield, Tornado and the classic Jetpack! You can even unleash a devastating Energy Blast to nuke obstacles and enemies blocking your path.

BomberZone offers a fun gameplay experience and promises to get your adrenaline going. With 7 upgrades, 16 types of bombs and 5 unique types of soldiers, this game belongs in your collection today.