Action-Packed ‘Big Bear: Salmon Smasher’ Marks The Beginning Of Salmon Fishing On The iOS® App Store (Video)

Game developer and publisher Triniti Stars is proud to announce the worldwide release of their latest action-packed iOS® arcade game, Big Bear: Salmon Smasher, an entertaining gameplay experience featuring salmon smashing and cool interactive puzzles for prizes.

Salmon season is here and you play the role of a hungry polar bear looking for lunch. Luck has it you have discovered the perfect spot with plenty of fish to catch. Using the games intuitive touch-controls you swipe to slice salmon as they leap from the water, but be careful to avoid objects such bottles and bombs! Random fish offers surprises if you are quick enough to catch them, and occasionally you must dodge and defend against various bosses breaking into the action. A quick well-placed swipe takes care of a boss, and gives your polar bear better stamina and extra points. From the built-in online shop, you can collect and upgrade to cool accessories, and even customize your bear. You can also import a picture and apply to the boss-bear!

Suitable to players of all ages and experience levels, Big Bear: Salmon Smasher is a fast-paced arcade game with great fun and fantastic gameplay.